A Complete Network Monitoring System

Monitor Network Traffic and Activity

  • Monitor real-time network activity with the Visual Network Explorer (VNE)
  • Integrated Layer 2 (Ethernet) Frame Analyzer
  • Integrated Layer 3 and 4 (TCP/IP) Protocol Analyzer
  • Automatic NetBIOS and DNS name resolution
  • Monitor live network activity at remote WAN sites with integrated Cisco NetFlow Collector (v1, v5 and v7)
  • Built-in protocol database identifies thousands of protocols
  • Raw packet capture utility (tcpdump format) for low-level packet analysis in compatible client software (i.e. Wireshark)
  • Instantly narrow activity views to specific hosts or protocols with easy to use filters
  • Realtime protocol analysis available on home dashboard
  • Custom reporting allows you to drill-down in to protocol distribution of your network traffic

Monitor Routers, Switches and Firewalls

  • Monitor bandwidth utilization on any physical or virtual interface
  • Detect interface flapping conditions or changes in the operational state of any network interface
  • Detect duplex mismatches
  • Monitor frame collisions, errors and drops
  • Collect event and error logs, as well as SNMP trap messages, with full integration with email alert system

Email Traffic / Analysis & Reporting

  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) of email protocols such as POP3, IMAP & SMTP
  • Analyze the data gathered by our new DPI plug-ins through the email traffic analysis report and email resource statistics reports
  • Detect spambots on the network

Comprehensive Alert Management System

  • Centralized alert management view allows you to view, edit or delete any of the alerts present in your system
  • Pause an alert or schedule maintenance against any configured alerts
  • Flexible, recurring schedule from the Alert Management view

Server Monitoring

  • Monitor key performance metrics for Windows server and desktop platforms
  • Monitor CPU utilization
  • Monitor RAM utilization
  • Monitor server processes & services
  • Monitor event logs and security logs with built-in reporting and archiving capabilities

Event Log Monitoring

  • Fully integrated syslog server - aggregate syslog data from multiple devices into a single location
  • Organize syslog / event log data by host, facility and severity level
  • Powerful built in reporting and searching capabilities, including support for regular expression patterns as well as standard text search

Monitor Network Security

  • On-demand port scanner identifies open ports and network services on any target host
  • Background port scanning service identifies new network services as they appear on your network
  • Identifies new devices which have appeared on your network with integrated ARP Probe Service
  • Protocol Activity Alerts notify you when a particular protocol appears on your network

Reporting and Data Analysis Tools

  • Historical database of virtually all monitored activities
  • Customizable protocol and host filtering lets you narrow reports to specific hosts and/or network activities
  • Uptime/downtime and service latency reports
  • Bandwidth utilization reports
  • Sophisticated traffic and protocol analysis toolset
  • Build and save custom reports for later one-click delivery
  • Schedule automatic daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports
  • Export reports as CSV files

Monitor UPS and Battery Backup Systems

  • Receive a notification message when your UPS system switches to battery power
  • Be alerted if your UPS system is overloaded
  • Get a reminder when it’s time to replace your battery
  • Monitor the line quality of your utility power
  • Receive an alert if your UPS fails a scheduled self-test
  • Receive an alert if battery temperature is too high

Monitor Printers and Copystations

  • Send alert notifications to technical staff when paper jams or other device malfunctions occur
  • Send a reminder message to the office manager when paper or toner levels get low
  • Track hourly, daily and monthly usage rates for paper, toner and other consumables

Monitor Websites and Web Applications

  • Monitor websites and web applications with integrated URL Tracker Service
  • Easily differentiate between valid and invalid results through keyword matching
  • Supply additional GET parameters to test specific application requests such as search engines or database lookups
  • Perform sophisticated pattern matching with regular expression support

Monitor Environmental Conditions

* Requires SensorHawk/SecurityHawk add-on units
  • Monitor datacenters, server rooms, wiring closets and other locations for temperature or humidity changes
  • Detect the presence of water with the included water sensor
  • Monitor heat, air flow, voltage, smoke and more
  • Monitor door contacts and motion sensors
  • Monitor environmental conditions at multiple remote locations, including datacenters, branches and field offices, and process alert messages from a centralized console in your Netmon system

Administration and Management

  • Security groups allow you to assign distinct capabilities and permissions to Netmon user accounts
  • Full control over each distinct monitoring service. Turn off services which aren’t needed or required
  • Specify historical data retention policies for various individual monitoring services
  • Flexible data backup facilities, including backing up directly to a remote network share / file server
  • Label your own protocols by adding, editing or removing entries in Netmon’s protocol index
  • Customize email and pager message templates