The AKCP line of power monitoring sensors and relays provide scalable remote power monitoring, alerting and control. Commonly used in enterprise data centers and server rooms, power monitoring sensors can alert of power outages and failures, monitor power consumption and voltage relays can provide on/off actions based on other sensor triggers.

Preventing data center downtime and increasing power efficiency requires complete visibility, monitoring, control and advanced alerting of data center power consumption and threats. To learn more about the benefits see our FAQs about power monitoring for data centers.

These power monitoring sensors are designed specifically with data center power monitoring in mind, with the goal of providing a scalable rack level sensor network to detect and monitor the presence, voltage, and consumption of power and in data centers.

AKCP's AKCess Pro Server web-enabled software provides a centralized DCIM software solution which includes monitoring for power consumption monitoring along with real-time PUE calculations and alert notifications.

In the event, a power outage occurs in your IT infrastructure your team will know immediately with SMS & email alerts.

Ready to use out of the box with simple plug-and-play sensor functionality when connected to a base unit they are immediately recognized and can be configured. AKCP's line of power monitoring sensors and voltage monitoring relays are compatible with most sensorProbe+ and securityProbe lines of base units.

Additionally, once connected to a base unit AKCP sensors can also be integrated with third-party monitoring tools that support SNMP traps for data center powering monitoring with Nagios, Zabbix and Netmon Network Monitoring Software. AKCP sensors can also be used for industrial power monitoring applications using MODBUS/CANBUS with SCADA systems.

If you are unsure what platform will meet your needs. View our platform comparison.

*Note: All sensors require a base unit to function.

F.A.Qs about Data Center Power Monitoring

Power monitoring solutions can significantly help data center managers as they strive to maintain the high availability of critical infrastructure and drive operational efficiency.

Overlooking the power monitoring of data centers or servers rooms can lead to increased electrical costs, lower efficiency and a higher carbon footprint when compared to well optimized and monitored systems.

In order to optimize data center power consumption, data center engineering and operations teams need to have the ability to monitor not only power but the entire data center environment as a whole.

Combining the environmental data with effective power monitoring allows engineering teams to fine-tune the data center to run at it’s most efficient level for optimal Power Usage Efficiency (PUE).

Even small reductions and optimizations of energy usage in data center operations can bring thousands of dollars in operational cost savings.

AKCP's environmental monitoring systems are specifically designed to provide a centralized platform for monitoring data center power consumption, environmental conditions and security access and control.

Concepts of power efficiency and management are easy to talk about, but it can be difficult to actually deliver accurate and meaningful data without a comprehensive monitoring system.

Knowing where and how to measure data center power consumption is important for understanding the current power consumption of your data center and improving its efficiency to realize the benefits.

Without the right data, collected from the right points across the data center, efficiency assessments can result in overestimating or underestimating energy benchmark and improvement data, resulting in wasted money and lost returns from your optimization efforts.

AKCP's line of power monitoring sensors are specifically designed to provide a scalable system for monitoring real-time power consumption data at the rack level and across the data center environment for monitoring power consumption trends, energy audits, remote on/off, as well as alerting to consumption above preset limits and power outages.

For rack level, or hardware level the In-Line Power Meter can be placed between the electrical source and either a power strip, individual appliance, monitoring the voltage (V), current (A) and Kilowatt Hours (kWh) being consumed with billable grade accuracy as well as be used remotely to switch devices on and off with an optional relay.

At the circuit breaker level AKCP's Power Monitoring Sensor can be used to eliminate the need for manual energy audits by providing real-time monitoring and data logging of power consumption when placed between the circuit breaker and PDUs.

If you are looking for a reliable power monitoring solution for your data center, contact us to request a quote and our product specialists will help you and your team design a solution that meets your needs.

Yes, it is. Each of AKCP's line of power monitoring sensors is able to provide notifications and alerts based on power consumption limits and power outages.

The centralized dashboard embedded in each base unit is designed to provide comprehensive monitoring and alerting for all AKCP sensors including power monitoring sensors, voltage sensors and power relays.

Power monitoring alerts can be sent to key personnel via email, SMS text message, Windows prompt, SNMP traps, and more for immediate notification of issues for fast responses.

Depending on the arrangement of sensors used, alerts can be configured at the rack level, server row, at the circuit breaker and anywhere across the data center environment that is critical. Each sensor can be set up with its own message to deliver key information such as where it is located in the data center, and when the issue occurred.

We have chosen to become the distributor of AKCP for North American because of their long history (30 years) and excellent reputation in providing environmental monitoring solutions for the data center industry and server rooms.

AKCP provides the most comprehensive suite of sensors for data center environmental, security and power monitoring available today that is modular, scalable, open & affordable. All sensor conditions and alerts are available in one centralized dashboard to provide complete visibility of data center conditions, as well as integrations with leading NMM tools such as Netmon, as well as SCADA and MODBUS systems.

Netmon has a long history of working with AKCP products and our experience and product knowledge is unmatched. 

Contact us regarding your data center power monitoring requirements and our product specialists will be able to design a solution to meet your needs.

Yes, support for SNMP v1, SNMP v2, SNMP v3, and Modbus TCP is available to integrate into third-party applications depending on the base unit.

AKCP sensors must be connected to a compatible sensorProbe, sensorProbe+ or securityProbe base unit to function, but once connected they can also be integrated into your existing network monitoring, building management or automation systems.

Yes, you can. By using AKCP Virtual Sensors you can integrate and monitor IT power from any MODBUS or SNMP enabled device such as a UPS, CRAC or PDU.

Virtual Sensors can be monitored locally on an AKCP Platform or the AKCess Pro Server DCIM using the SNMP Get, Custom Scripts, MODBUS TCP, PING and Multiple (Boolean) Virtual Sensors.

There are several methods of communicating with third-party devices to AKCP base units depending on the model of base unit, and the connections available on the device. AKCP base units support connections for RJ45, RS458, and dry contacts.

Contact us to request a quote and include the information about the devices you would like to monitor. Please include with the brand, make, model and available connections, and we will help you design a solution that meets your needs. 

AKCP's AKCPro Server Central Monitoring Software is a world-class software for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) that provides real-time PUE value which can be displayed rack by rack or for an entire data center or server room.

Free to use for all AKCP base units AKCPro Server provides a single web-enabled dashboard for a wide range of monitoring applications in power monitoring and PUE calculating, monitoring and historical data logging. Monitoring the power consumed by IT and non-IT infrastructure is a crucial element of an IT deployment.

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a ratio of how much energy you expend on running your IT systems, versus the amount spent on cooling and lighting, and other ancillary building services. A PUE of 1 would mean maximum efficiency, you are expending no energy on cooling, lighting and non-IT systems. Typically a PUE of 1.5 – 1.8 is considered efficient. Most data centers and server rooms run at a 2.0 and above as a result of overcooling, poor layout design, and/or power management.

In order to calculate your PUE, you will need to take power readings at various points along your power chain. First, you will need to monitor the power consumption of the whole data center including all IT and non-IT loads (lights, cooling etc). This can be done at your main power panel. You will also need to monitor at rack/PDU level in order to know what your IT load power consumption is.

These two numbers (Total load and Total IT load) are then divided to give a ratio of power spent on IT vs power spent on cooling. The lower this number the more efficiently your data center is utilizing the power. For example, if I were to be spending 100Amp on IT load and 50Amp on cooling I would have a total load of 150Amp. 150/100 gives me a PUE of 1.5, meaning for every 1amp I spend on IT load I spend 0.5amp on cooling it. A good PUE number would be in the region of 1.3. If you are in a cold climate and can avail of “free cooling” from outside air being brought into the data center PUE numbers of 1.2 are possible.

By utilizing the AKCPro Server live PUE calculations you can eliminate manual energy audits and see real-time the immediate effects that changes to your power usage has.

Reducing the cooling systems and see how it improves your PUE. At the same time, use thermal rack maps to ensure that you are not overheating any servers. Adjusting the thermostat on your CRAC units will undoubtedly result in improved PUE, but too much take effect on the lifespan of servers. With real-time power monitoring combined with temperature and humidity monitoring, you can fine-tune your cooling and energy usage to meet your unique needs.

In the video below you can see the PUE calculation virtual sensor and its use as an instrument for fine tuning your data center to run efficiently, lowering your carbon footprint and saving you money in the process.

By employing the complete AKCP ecosystem of products, Thermal Map Sensors, AKCPro Server and Power Meters work together to give a complete analysis and assistance in cutting your power costs and improving your PUE.

The below video shows how easy it is to deploy PUE virtual sensors in AKCPro Server.