ProductSKU #TypeDatasheets
sensorProbe 2SP2Base UnitPDF
sensorProbe 4SP4Base UnitPDF
sensorProbe 8SP8Base UnitPDF
sensorProbe 8-X20SP8-X20Base UnitPDF
sensorProbe 8-X60SP8-X60Base UnitPDF
sensorProbe 2+SP2+Base UnitPDF
sensorProbe X+SPX+Base UnitPDF
securityProbe 5ESEC5ESVABase UnitPDF
securityProbe 5E-X20SEC5ESVA-X20Base UnitPDF
securityProbe 5E-X60SEC5ESVA-X60Base UnitPDF
securityProbe 5ESSEC5ESBase UnitPDF
securityProbe 5ES-X20SEC5ES-X20Base UnitPDF
securityProbe 5ES-X60SEC5ES-X20DCWBase UnitPDF
securityProbe 5ESVSEC5ESVBase UnitPDF
securityProbe 5ESV-X20SEC5ESV-X20Base UnitPDF
securityProbe 5ESV-X60SEC5ESV-X60Base UnitPDF
E-opto16E-OP16Base Unit ExpansionPDF
E-sensor8E-IS8Base Unit ExpansionPDF
SECIOBase Unit ExpansionPDF
Door Security SensorSSXXSecurity / Access ControlPDF
PIR Motion Detection SensorMD00Security / Access ControlPDF
Smart Smoke DetectorSK00Smoke DetectionPDF
locateWater SensorLWSC10Liquid DetectionPDF
ropeWater SensorRWSC10Liquid DetectionPDF
Temperature Sensor (variable cable length)TMP00Temperature / HumidityPDF
Temperature Sensor (fixed cable length)TMP01Temperature / HumidityPDF
Thermal Map SensorCTMS, CTHMSTemperature / HumidityPDF
Thermocouple SensorTCBJ / TCBKTemperature / HumidityPDF
Water-Resistant Single Port Temperature and Humidity SensorTemperature / Humidity
Airflow SensorAFS00Airflow MonitoringPDF
Air Velocity TransmitterAVT00Airflow MonitoringPDF
Dry Contact SensorDCS15Power MonitoringPDF
5 Dry Contact Sensor Inputs5DCSXXXPower MonitoringPDF
Mini Sensor Controlled RelayMSCRPower MonitoringPDF
IO-Digital8 SensorIODC8Power MonitoringPDF
Current TransformersCTXXXX/5APower MonitoringPDF
AC Voltage Monitor SensorACV00Power MonitoringPDF
Isolated DC Voltage SensorIDCVPower MonitoringPDF
DC Sensor Controlled RelayPRB00-DCO, PRB00-DCCPower MonitoringPDF
AC Sensor Controlled RelayPRB00-ACO, PRB00-ACCPower MonitoringPDF
4-20 mAmp SensorVC00Power MonitoringPDF
In-line Power MeterILPM-32A, ILPM-16APower MonitoringPDF
Power Monitor SensorPMSFLPower MonitoringPDF
Door Control Unit BundleDCU-CRDSecurity / Access ControlPDF
EM Card ReaderACR04Security / Access ControlPDF
Electronic Bolt Lock (Fail Safe) with Magnetic Feature and TimerACDL04Security / Access ControlPDF
Electronic Bolt Lock with Magnetic Fail Safe SystemACDL07Security / Access ControlPDF
Electronic Strike Plate (European Long Type) with Signal (Fail Safe)ACDL03Security / Access ControlPDF
Electronic Strike Plate (European Long Type) with Signal (Fail Secure)ACDL05Security / Access ControlPDF
High-Resolution Digital Camera – IR EnabledHD-DCSecurity / Access ControlPDF
Universal Mount Digital Camera1UMC-PAL/NTSCSecurity / Access ControlPDF
High-Resolution Pan Tilt Dome CameraHD-PTDCSecurity / Access ControlPDF
Door Security SensorSS15Security / Access ControlPDF
Vibration Detection SensorVDSSecurity / Access ControlPDF
PIR Hardware Motion DetectorMD00Security / Access ControlPDF
Cabinet Control Unit BundleCCUSecurity / Access ControlPDF
RFID Swing Handle LockSHLSecurity / Access ControlPDF
Fingerprint ReaderFPR-1Security / Access ControlPDF
EM Door Lock 500KgACDL11Security / Access ControlPDF
Heavy Duty Electronic Door Lock with Cylinder and Dead Latch HandleACDL06Security / Access ControlPDF
PVC EM CardACT03Security / Access ControlPDF
USB Desktop Card ReaderACT05Security / Access ControlPDF
Electronic Magnetic Door Lock (Weatherproof)ACDL09Security / Access ControlPDF
EM Key TagACT01Security / Access ControlPDF
Siren and Strobe Light AlarmSTR00Security / Access ControlPDF
Sensor Status LightSSLSecurity / Access ControlPDF
Battery Terminal Temperature SensorBTTSSpecialized Sensorsn/a
Modbus AdapterMOD-ASpecialized SensorsPDF
probeSwitchPS00Specialized SensorsPDF
Programmable LCD Display with Temperature SensorLCD-TMPSpecialized SensorsPDF
ropeFuel SensorFLKSSpecialized SensorsPDF
Sensor AdapterSEN-ASpecialized SensorsPDF
Ultrasonic Fuel Level SensorUFLSSpecialized SensorsPDF
daisyTemp SensorDCT00Temperature / HumidityPDF
Water-Resistant Temperature Sensor (fixed cable length)TMPW15, TMPW40, TMPW60, TMPW100Temperature / HumidityPDF